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About Us

At Sation Wellness, we pride ourselves on producing the finest quality, pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil products. The founder of Sation Wellness comes from a pharmaceutical background and was always concerned about the widespread use of opiates in the United States.


As CBD Oil became increasingly popular a booming industry was born. Unfortunately, with high demand came questionable supply. CBD is considered a supplement, and therefore not regulated, paving the way for unfit, foreign facilities to produce and sell CBD Oil products to American people. Sation Wellness was founded with the sole mission of introducing pharmaceutical grade quality control & manufacturing processes into the CBD market and producing the purest, safe, all-natural & organic CBD Oil products.

Since the inception in 2017, Sation Wellness rose to become America's Favorite CBD Oil, valued for the unrivaled purity of our CBD extracts, continuous research & development, and a strong commitment to helping rid the nation from an opioid epidemic.


Our stellar customer service team assists an average of 150 new CBD users daily. Our in-house scientists, who have spent years developing our proprietary CBD OIl formula are constantly working to maintain the highest levels of quality and raise the bar beyond any other brand on the market. Together, we are working around the clock to bring the highest quality natural products derived from the miracle plant otherwise known as hemp - and deliver the gift of wellness to your home.​

Join us on the journey of wellness 

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